All for Art by Kayla Parker

by Kayla Parker




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Hello my name is Kayla Parker, I am a sophomore in the theatre department at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. For over 50 years Duke Ellington has provided spaces for young people  of color to develop as artists.  The arts program/production aspect  for which the school is founded, relies soley on donations and the fundraising efforts of those invested in ensuring the next generation of Duke artists.  Our mission with this initiative March for Arts, is to raise a a department wide goal of $70, 000.00. 

I have personally set a fundraising goal of $4000.00. I ask that those who have ever been moved by theater, movies or any genre of the arts, to help me reach my goal!

March for the Arts is the

Duke Ellington School of the Arts annual

Theatre Fundraiser.

Support Us!

In the Theatre Department, students aren't just taught how to act. They are taught how to create the stories they want to see. They are given the tools to shape the world around them with their art. Ellington relies on the generosity of parents and donors to ensure that our students receive the highest level of pre-professional training and performance opportunities. Donations enable them to create sets, craft costumes, power technical capabilities, hire additional instructors, and fund classes with Master Acting Teachers like the renowned Professor Vera Katz, Tony-nominated actor Corey Hawkins.

Celebrate With Us!

Welcome to the Artist’s Magical Dream World, where anything is possible!  Where actors, dancers, singers, and painters create to the beat of their own drum in harmony!  In this dream world, artists live by the theme, “Get your sparkle on and show the world where you belong.” This harmony falls flat when evil creeps its way into the Magical Dream World. The future of art rests in the hands of our daring artists who travel into the “real world” of Georgetown to find out “Where is the love?”

Join us for an interactive traveling show around Georgetown performed by the students at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. After the magical performance “Be our guest” in “a world of pure imagination,” where you can “jump, jump, go ahead and jump” on the moon bounce with Van Halen, “Just Dance” to the “Rock N Roll Music” with Lady Gaga and Chuck Berry and “get on the A train” for a ride around the block with Duke Ellington himself. Come dressed as your most eccentric and creative self and join us because “Love and imagination can change the world!”




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