Omar Nazeer "Climbing to the top"

by Omar Nazeer

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Acting is one of my passions in life. Nothing is better than when I am on stage making the audience feel as if they are inside of the story. I started acting 8 years ago. Then it was just an interest that I didn't think much about, even though I had already done two movie pilots and two radio voice-overs for "The History Guys" on N.P.R. However, Four years ago my life changed. My older brother, who is one of the most influential members of my life, left our home to go out of state for school. I remember sitting on the couch surrounded by family and also grieving for my brother. The thought of him leaving us took a toll on our family and then acting became my main distraction through all my problems and for what I thought then was a loss. My brother is and was the most influential person in my life I had no idea what I'd do without him.

 The same night we dropped my brother off at school my father, with a look of excitement, told me I had gotten the role of “Reuben” in my first play called “Joe Turner's Come and Gone” written by August Wilson. My interest in the art of theater began to grow. Since then I have done three more plays all with the Charlottesville Players Guild, an all-Black theater ensemble. I discovered a passion from within and began to get out of my emotions healthily through acting. Being on the stage makes me feel alive like I'm made out of steel like no one can shoot me down or take it away from me. I do it now for the same reason but, most importantly because I love it.