Saquoya Gorham's March for the Arts Fundraiser!

by Saquoya Gorham

Supporting: Theatre Department Official Page for Duke Ellington School of the Arts Project

Hello everyone! I am Saquoya Gorham, an incoming student to Duke Ellington, and I am in the Theatre Department! Every single year at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, a fundraiser is placed to help assist us with the equipment we need for our art departments. DCPS only funds Duke Ellington School of the Arts for academic classes and academic teachers, so all of the funds that we raise will help with everything within our departments. For the Theatre Department we need funds for productions, to pay teachers, because teachers aren't funded through DCPS, and for equipment needed to enhance our talents. It would mean a great deal to DESA, and to me of course, if you would kindly send what ever funds you can to help pay for the fundamentals that's needed for a productive school year. March for the arts! Art is essential to positive change in our society!